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Shelter From The Storm

We’re situated on the Thai/Burma border, and scarcely a stone’s throw across the river a war of repression rages and ravages the ethnic minority villagers of Eastern Burma. But as we travel the road, meandering through the limestone mountains, we are greeted with a demonstration of inspiration – Safe Haven Orphanage. Children too often are the casualties of this decades-long struggle for the survival of ancient tribal cultures. With malnutrition, dysentery and malaria taking its toll on this most defenseless minority, orphans we find are the most downtrodden of all.

Meet Tasanee.

Over 15 years ago Mrs Tasanee Keereepraneed received a phone call from a villager, informing her of a child who had lost her mother during birth. Having gone through this herself, losing a father at a young age and seeing her own children lose their father after her husband’s murder, Tasanee decided she had to be the one responsible for these orphaned Karen children.

One by one, with no where else to go, children were brought to Tasanee. With the help of her brother, she converted their childhood home to accommodate up to 25 children and solely funded the beginnings of Safe Haven Orphanage.

All these years later, on a new five acre plot of land, Tasanee houses and cares for 50 orphans. With the ability for growth, she continues building a family environment where the children love and care for each other like brothers and sisters.

Safe Haven’s direct mission is to provide a home for disadvantaged children with proper nurture, nutrition, shelter, clothing, medical care, and education. Safe Haven Orphanage is open to children from all communities, faiths, and cultures.

As Tasanee carries out her work with a smile on her face and a passion in her heart, Worldwide Impact Now (WIN) searches for the funding and donations that can help provide for Tasanee and her ever-growing family in this long war that seems to know no end.

Matt and Kim, on the border

Worldwide Impact Now


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