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WIN Facilitates UN-Focused Human Rights Training Programme

End of October 2010, WIN facilitated the training of Karen community health and relief workers for human rights documentation for the United Nations (UN). During the course, 10 Karen community workers leaned about the Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism on Children’s Rights in Conflict.

Every time we talk to members of the Karen community about getting their message out to the world, they say they want to tell the UN, and rightly so. The United Nations has the power to enforce international cuts in communication, trade, military support and diplomatic relations to any government they feel is a threat to peace. Training programmes like these, therefore, aim help local community run groups to bridge connections with the UN.  Now, when abuses are suffered in their communities, they have the capacity to report these crimes on an international level.

Solid UN-approved evidence of Burma’s war crimes are tantamount to gaining international support for the country’s victims of war, both political and funding for relief and development. However, the international body often struggles to gain information from areas of war due to restrictions put in place the ruling military regime. Therefore, these community workers have been very enthusiastic to begin recording cases of abuse, which they come across regularly, and then report directly.

This also comes at a crucial time politically, as western governments across the globe are calling for the UN to implement a Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights Abuses in Burma. It is crucial that the UN is receiving up-to-date reports on the horrific crimes committed by the Burma Army from all angles so that these calls can be acted upon.


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Agricultural Training Center Destroyed

Although the above is the roof of our youth leader training center in a remote region of Karen State, it’s still a perfect example of the simple structures the Burmese Army routinely destroys. Here youth are trained to help their people survive against the Burmese Army attempting to drive them off ancestral lands.

We would like to thank all of you who supported the recent initiative to establish a center for teaching agricultural and community development skills to ethnic farmers.   We just learned after several weeks of attack by the Burmese Army that the center below was destroyed before construction was completed.  This was a result of the on-going army offensive to drive ethnic peoples out of this region in Eastern Burma.  Refer to Karen Human Rights Group and Free Burma Rangers for further details about this on-going offensive.

We intend to pursue this initiative elsewhere in hopes of being able to help farmers improve crop yields and support community development.

Thank you for support of these villagers as they attempt to survive in the face of tough odds.


Tim Heinemann, Founder
Worldwide Impact Now (WIN)

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